Some of my experience

Freelance work: Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting, Columbia Missourian, Vox Magazine, KBIA and KOMU.

Noticias Monteverde, Monteverde, Costa Rica Managing Editor

January 2022 to December 2022

Noticias Monteverde, or The Monteverde News, is a young bilingual newspaper in the tropical mountains of Costa Rica. Alongside a small staff, we put the first stories of this town down on paper for everyone to freely access.

  • Assign, direct and edit stories (written and visual).
  • Create, manage and grow social media strategy.
  • Teach study abroad journalism students how to report in a foreign context (i.e. how to ask the right questions, how to interview through an interpreter and how to find stories abroad).
  • Direct design, layout and story content for all print issues and online; manage and guide all employee's articles, photos, videos and social content.
  • My mission is and always will be to create inclusive, thought- provoking content that connects us across country lines, across cultures and across conflicts.

Proctor Academy, Santa Elena, Costa Rica Latin American History and English Teacher

January 2022 to December 2022

Proctor Academy is a private boarding school in New Hampshire that sends students around the world each semester. The spark and tenacity of my students still inspire me.

  • Created an honest, open intellectual environment where we challenged one another’s assumptions, asked questions without shame and supported one another’s learning.
  • Created lesson plans that challenged the students to learn creatively. 

Noticias Monteverde, Monteverde, Costa Rica Reporter and Photographer

August 2021 to December 2021

While working on my Master’s research project, I also worked at a local bilingual newspaper.

  • Wrote and pitched environment and health stories.
  • Worked on social media creation and production and helped with web development.
  • Helped my boss with the vision and mission of the newspaper and was hired as Managing Editor.

Columbia Missourian, Columbia, Mo. Staff Photographer

June 2020 to July 2021

The Columbia Missourian is a local newspaper.

  •  Pitched stories, executed assignments, worked with others, in and out of my department, and made thousands of photos.
  • Worked efficiently and tactfully, often with little information on my assignments beforehand.
  • Connect with sources and tell complex stories. 
  • I challenged myself and my department to tell more environmental stories and learned how one story can make a difference for a whole community.

Missouri School of Journalism Global Programs, Columbia, Mo. Graduate Assistant, Communications Assistant 

January 2020 to December 2021

  • Created web content and development strategies.
  • Created and organized social media content.
  • Organized and published student content from studying abroad.

Vox Magazine, Columbia, Mo.Digital Editor & Writer

January 2019 to December 2019

Vox Magazine is a city-focused publication whose mission is to touch on community life, culture and trending topics.

  • Pitched and wrote online environment/science-focused stories as well as produced others’ online stories.
  • Worked on weekly newsletters, helped run social media accounts creating and pushing content, and tracked analytics.
  • This job taught me that creativity flows best when people feel safe, supported and seen, and that a publication is nothing without passion from the people that run it.

Indian Express, Delhi, IndiaReporting Intern

May to August 2019

The Indian Express is a national English-language daily newspaper.

  • Shadowed reporters, pitched and wrote stories, and got to see another culture up close.
  • Worked on the environment and health beat and covered anything from the local health clinic system to groundwater depletion.
  • This job taught me the privilege of talking to everyday people. It taught me that I know very little and I must never stop asking questions.

Decoding Science, Columbia, Mo.Staff Writer and Photographer 

January to December 2019

Decoding Science is a public relations news outlet under the University of Missouri with the goal of bringing science to the non-scientist.

  • Combined PR work and storytelling through hours of decoding complex scientific journal articles, interviewing scientists from countless fields of study and bringing complex scientific information to everyday people.
  • Ran social media alongside creating and producing content for our website.

Service Jobs I've had throughout the years 

I learned just as much about communication through these positions as my classes or professional experiences taught me. I also deeply believe in volunteering and community service.

Barista, Rock Climbing Instructor, Hostess, Shift Manager, Construction Worker, Artist Assistant, Campground Assistant and Events Worker, to name a few.